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The Blog:

Boating enriches your life. It can bring you closer to people or give you escape you seek.  It can make you an instant explorer of your own backyard or take you to the most remote areas of the world. And just as it is amazing…it can be frustrating. How, what, when, where, why, how long and how much??? become far more powerful questions when it involves what’s supposed to be your outlet from the real world. That frustration is often compounded by the lack of clear understanding.  Yacht Help Desk was conceived with the notion that informed boaters make good decisions which in turn make for happier boaters.  Consider us your easy button: Your ultimate source for practical boating know-how, unbiased marine product reviews, expert-led workshops and seminars, and much more. Our goal is to help you transform from boat owner to lifelong yachtsman.

Who we are:

We are experts in our fields committed to giving you straight answers.  From financing to yacht design to electricians to closing agents.  We are the people you end up turning to when you need help.  Some of us are speakers, or have been featured in magazines, or are easily Googlable or have traveled the world.  Some of us work in dive suits, or in engine rooms, or at your local marina.  Whatever our background may be we have one importanttrait in common: a willingness to share our extensive knowledge with you with the hope that you will do the same for others.  Pay it forward.

Our Managing Editor:

I’m an entrepenuer, a career yachting professional, an (amateur) writer, an avid sports fan, a father/husband/brother/son and a fan of anything that brings people together in a positive way.  I’m not an ex-anything that got into boating as a fallback. I made the conscientious decision to make yachting my career, not just a job or  a hobby. To be a professional in any field you have to be well rounded so on my way here I made sure to experience every area of our industry.  From cleaning boats to managing projects to designing yachts.  I’ve ran the accounting and service departments, taught myself AutoCAD when my stick drawings weren’t sufficient and developed countless systems and processes to improve boats, salespeople, dealerships and even clients. Along the way I gained enough experience to create entire brands and yacht models from scratch. Boats that would go on to grace over a hundred editorial pages of the most prestigious industry magazines.

My collegiate field of study was engineering, but entrepreneurship was in my blood.  Knowing how the something worked was not enough.  Questioning why we needed that something in the first place and finding a better, faster and more economical way of doing the same was what I was after.  I’ve had an exciting and challenging career.  Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with professionals that truly understand the culture of making “why” the priority.  Figure that out and the who, what, where and when fall into place. 

I hope you find value in our little tribe.