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PMY: Can your boat’s radar give you cancer?

Submitted onJuly 28, 2009 No comments yet, share your thoughts

boradband radar safety - could your yacht's radar harm you?

We found this article on www.PowerandMotoryacht.com written by Tim Barlett and thought we’d share it with you. It’s interesting because it sheds light on the great mystery of whether or not standing in the way of the radar beams will cook your brain, give you cancer, make you go blind, etc…

garmin radar and navigation screen

The microwaves that reheat your coffee are very much the same as those transmitted by marine radars, so it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that they could “cook” anyone who gets in their way. And we all know that some types of radiation can produce deformities in unborn children or trigger the runaway growth of cells within the body—i.e., cancer. But is it valid to make the connection between pleasure boat radars and health hazards?

Read the full article Hazardous to Your Health here

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