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Land Yacht, Literally!

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Terrawind RV 3

Did you hear the one about the floating RV? Built by C.A.M.I. (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International), this RV-Yacht combo special will run you about $850k. It’s a 42′ houseboat delivering up to 7 knots over water and an 85 mph RV. ┬áConsidering that a luxury coach can easily reach a million and a comparably equipped 42′ houseboat runs around $400k new, this Terrawind starts making a lot of sense! It’d be a heck of a summer vacation for the kids!

Selected items from the FAQ section of www.terrawind.com:

Why would someone want a motor coach that goes into the water? Because you have a houseboat and a motor coach all wrapped up into one vehicle. If you are taking a trip across the country and you find a lake you can drive right into it; boat across and drive out the other side, then keep on going.

How does it switch from road to marine? You drive the Terra Wind into the water, place the road transmission into neutral and the marine transmission into gear and your away you go.

Can the room slide outs be used on the water? Yes, the outrigger sponsons (pontoons) keep the boat level with the room slides in the out position.

What is the draft? 3 1/2 feet; this means 3 1/2 feet of the coach/boat remains in the water. The water line is right beneath the front bumper.

How big of a wave will it take? It was designed for protected waters such as lakes, bays, rivers, and sounds. With the outrigger sponsons she can take 3 foot waves or wake.

Does it go into the ocean? No, it is not an ocean going vessel.

Can it go into salt water? Yes it can go into salt water, however, fresh water is preferable. If it is taken into the salt water a fresh water rinse is necessary.

Is rust or corrosion an issue? No. The hull is 100% aluminum which does not rust. The only steel parts are the suspension and axle components. These parts are coated with the same protective marine coating used on cruise ships.

Why are the door and room slide outs elevated? Actually the floor is lowered, as it is with any boat. You have to lower your center of gravity for stability.

Does it have an anchor? Yes, it is under the back deck.

What size engine does it have? It has a caterpillar 3126E 330 horse power diesel engine with power take off to the propellers.

What kind of chassis is it on? It is not on an existing chassis. The Terra Wind is built from the ground up. We start by building an all aluminum 3/16 marine plate hull. Once the integrity of the hull is assured we build a motor coach on top of the boat hull. This is truly a boat on wheels.

What propels it on the water? Two 19″ twin bronze propellers are what move the vessel on the water. She also has stainless steel rudders with a one-touch rudder control.

What kind of speed does it get on the water? She gets 6 to 7 knots of speed on the water.

Speed on the land? We can reach highway speeds up to 85 mph (or what ever the speed limit permits).

How much does the Terra Wind weigh? She weighs 31,000 wet (full of fuel and water). There is an allowance of 4,000 pounds for people and stuff. Therefore, her maximum weight capacity is 35,000.

How long is the amphibious motorcoach? It is 42 1/2 feet long. The maximum length we will build is 45 feet.

How tall is she? The coach stands 12 feet 6 inches tall to the top of the coach; and 13 feet 4 inches to the top of the satellite. All Terra Winds do not have to be this tall. (John Giljam, the owner, engineer, and designer stands 6’8″. He chose this height in order to walk through the coach without ducking his head.)

What materials are the sides and roof made from? The sidewalls and the roof were made specifically for us. A fiberglass reinforced plywood with a foam core was used. R values: R14 wall and R32 roof.

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