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Product Review: LED Underwater Lights

Submitted onDecember 8, 2009 2 Comments, join the conversation

We’ve successfully installed underwater lights by OceanLED on several yachts and can attest to their beauty. They bring the yachts to life by literally attracting marine life to it at night. Installation is fairly simple and very safe. The only time consuming part can be the running of new wires if your boat is not already equipped with extra lines (some are). The lights come in various colors, but green and blue are best suited for salt water viewing. They come in thru-hull and flush mount design. The latter is recommended for hull sides and exposed transoms, while the less expensive thru-hull variety is perfect for below the swim platform. Size dictates the number of LED bulbs which in turn defines the intensity of the light- bigger is brighter. OceanLED has a simple chart to help you choose the right light for your boat.

We are currently equipping a yacht with transom lights and two very cool features- an underwater camera and a fish strobe. The camera, called EYES, points directly down on the hull while the fish strobe (a variable pulse light) attracts fish to your underside. The camera feed can then be pumped into any TV or helm LCD that you wish. To describe this as cool is a severe understatement!

We’re taking pictures and videos of the install and the finished look and we’ll post to our site in the next week or so.

If you’re in Fort Lauderdale contact us and we’ll get you onboard to see the install first hand.

Ocean LED - under water lights

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  • I want my 58' in a blue halo says:

    I have a 58′ Blue Water yacht. I am looking to install underwater lights in the transom.

    The boat is used mostly in salt water and it has tnt lift. I’m thinking three underwater blue lights.What is your suggestion for this application. I’m looking for the most popular affordable option!

    • Yacht HD says:

      Though there may be loads of competition out there for underwater lights manufacturers, we still prefer Ocean LED. To get the best results on the transom of your 58′ go with their Pro Series either (3) 3010s or (4) 2010s depending on transom’s real estate and tnt lift. There are two models to select from Flush-Mount or Thru-Hull at either 50 or 180 degrees. Either combination will light your boat at night and attract loads of wild life. Confused? no need here is our quick explanation…

      The degrees refer to lens options on your underwater lights. If you want a narrow light that penetrate the farthest out into the water go with the standard 50 degrees. This is also the best option in boats with a swim platform that will obstruct the view the first few feet of the light.The 180 degree lens gives the light a hazed effect (i.e. wider spread) closer to the boat. Perfect for use on a transom where the lights are not hidden by a swim platform, and perfect for use down the sides of a boat.

      Thru-Hull will give you the most bang for your buck, with only 1” hole in your boat’s Hull and a quick plug and play installation it is the most popular model. The brass ring will stick-out 30mm (a little over an 1″) from the hull.

      Flush-Mounts on the other hand will need a larger hole (3 1/4 inch) to install, but the brass ring is flushed to the hull. Great if you do extensive fishing from your transom and have concern with your lines snagging or drag.

      Blue is a standard color so no problem there…

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