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ScubaCraft redefines scuba diving transportation

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Scubacraft presents the future of scuba diving transportation:

This is a one of a kind craft cable of high performance cruising on the water surface as well as submerge underwater with ease. Compact, lightweight and capable of carrying 3 people she provide access to reef and dive spots worldwide. When diver try to explaining the experiance of floating underwater and discovering a whole new world, they often get blank stares. With the Scubacraft you can bring along family and friends who are curious, but hesitant to perform the mental and physical demands of a dive.


Scubacraft uses an internal-combustion engine to reach a dive site where it can descend to a maximum depth of about 100 feet. It is set with slight positive buoyancy at all times, and will submerge under power using the thrusters. If at any time the craft loses power it will slowly float back to the surface in a controlled manner. The Scubacraft could also be configured to have a park mode allowing you to depart from the craft and perhaps swim off to explore inside a shipwreck. Currently there are two models: the one above accommodating 3 people and a larger for 6, all operated by one pilot.


The genius of this product is that beside the ability to go underwater, she is a light and efficient ride on the surface. Capable of towing skiers and inflatable water toys, or kick your adrenaline drive up a notch going 50 Mph. Extremely versatile she could be customized for just about anything: Lighting and equipment racks, Underwater filming platform, Modular seating, Imaging sonar, and so much more.


This boat is ideal for private boat owners, with small batteries that could be recharged overnight. With a gross weight of 500kg she is an ideal yacht tender and is easily hoisted onto any deck.

Have you tried the ScubaCraft? Would you like to learn more visit the ScubaCraft website or leave a comment and we will research the question for you.

*please note this is not a submarine, you still need to be certified by PADI to go underwater safely. A lesson on operating the vessel is provided by the manufacturer.

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