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SuRi an incredible refit story in the USA

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The incrediable refit story of SuRi a 173' motoryacht - extended by 30 plus feet

The incredible story of SuRi a 173′ megayacht that got a mid-body extension of more than 30 feet. Why wait for a new build when you can extend your existing boat to 206′ long?!

below is a beautiful video of the refit project…

Commentary by Boris Kirilloff N.A. of Kirilloff & Associates the Naval Architect responsible for this refit project. His firm are world renowned in the design, engineering, and project management of Yacht Escort Ships, Shadow Boats, Sportfishing “Mother Ships”, Yachts, Passenger Vessels, Casino Vessels/Platforms, Cruise Ships, and various other specialized commercial vessels and platforms and military craft.

Exterior styling was provided by JOSEPH ARTESE DESIGN a highly creative design office, based in Seattle. here are some of his design notes…

SuRi was to accompany her owner’s larger yacht to carry and garage the helicopter, smaller boats and water toys.

You can do just so much with simple cosmetics. To my thinking, the most disturbing feature of these shadow type conversions to date had been the ungainly appearance of the new helicopter pad and hanger on deck, “rather like a huge bread box on a barge”.

My desire was to transform this vessel’s appearance from a work boat to a well proportioned Yacht. To do so meant that I had to “visually” lower the height of the hangar, but since we needed all 16’ for the bird, I Instead, raised the freeboard or bulwarks along the entire length of the hangar by 6’. This brought things into a better proportion and allowed me to design windows in the sides of the hangar that looked more like large windows in a dining room or saloon.

The only problem with this scheme was that adding all that steel to both sides of the boat might be hard to sell. But by designating this “extra volume” as much needed stowage and locker space accessible from inside the hangar, the concept flew.

This technique of disguising the ugly height of the helo hangars by raising the relative height of the freeboard will likely become a standard on future conversions.

For more information Click Here to visit SuRi website

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