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Savannah to Ft. Lauderdale epic run

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Captain’s Log June 7th 2008- Savannah Port
Our bare-bone crew of two left Ft. Lauderdale on an early Saturday morning. Our rented van was packed full with equipment & provisions for the trip. Heading north for 7 hours we arrived to our destination, the historical city of Savannah Georgia. offloadYachtAfter setting up our paperwork we entered the port, and assume our dual role of welcoming committee and offloading crew. As we traversed up the freighter, the crew was loading provisions for the return trip. I can’t imagine working aboard a ship of this magnitude…maybe in a different lifetime.

So after waiting for what seemed like a lifetime we finally got our signal it is go time. Offloading, or ‘splashing’, a luxury yacht from a freighter is and exhilarating and nerve racking experience. This one was a breeze thanks to a professional crew at the port.

It is late at night so we dock the boat in an excellent marina right on the Savannah River, and get some rest.

Captain’s Log June 8th to 9th- Savannah Riverfront district

boatFixingAfter a good night sleep we are preparing the yacht for her shake-down cruise to Ft. Lauderdale, where the bulk of the commissioning will take place. From our dock, on the Savannah River we can see the famous Riverwalk and the constant flow of visitors walking about. Taking the ghost tours or sightseeing her 21 squares is not the plan. For the last two days we have checked all electronic and mechanical gear, installed the anchor & pulpit, aligned the compass and cleaned the dust off from her long trip across the Pacific.

Captain’s Log June 10th – 12th- Fort Lauderdale Bound
We Left Savannah at dawn, cranked her engines and tried a few wide open runs, she handled them with grace. The sky was deep blue and our course was charted for the day. Passing unfamiliar landscape was refreshing and a drastic change from the congested south Florida waterways. We were winding down the river surrounded by grassy banks, and no boats in sight. A quick fueling stop, holy molly gas prices…thank goodness she’s not a thirsty girl, and we started our outside run. There are days when the sea-gods bless you with perfect conditions and during our voyage they were epic. Flat is too disorderly to describe the seas we encountered. Throughout the voyage we were visited by playful companions who enjoyed our wake. The last leg of the trip was an unforgettable night-run starting at Cape Canaveral inlet and docking the boat 11 hours later in Ft. Lauderdale.


To summarize my experience I will quote my captain on this delivery:
“Boating this %@^* is addicting!”

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